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Tryst Lake - Dec 27, 2012

Mike shredding at Tryst Lake

Today we headed into Tryst Lake area in Kananaskis Country for some turns. The Tryst Lake area is a popular backcountry location, because it has easy access to a ridge which can be lapped multiple times in a day, and provides access to the Tryst Chutes located on the south side of Tryst Lake. These provide steeper terrain on a north aspect and seem to attract lots of people, as there were plenty of tracks in the Tryst Chutes today, and several other groups skiing there today. Here's a map showing the approximate route (in dotted red):


Access is along the ridge line to the south of the main creek / drainage, which has exposure to slide paths from above. The skin track that goes straight-up the ridge as shown is pretty gnarly - if you approach from the left to about halfway-up, the elevation gain up the ridge should be a little easier. From there the skin track is in the trees to the south side of the creek until you reach the elevation of Tryst Lake. From there, the chutes are accessible from the close end of the lake via a short tour up the ridge. (Left of the following photo.)

We decided to avoid skiing the main chutes, which had been pretty tracked out and found some nearby gladed skiing. Here are a few shots we took today: 

We did observe some layers (wind/sun crust), including a layer we were able to trigger about 30cm down. The Nov 6th rain-crust was also present. With all the recent cold weather, we saw some of this on the way up the skin track... something to keep in mind: